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Home Inspection Checklist for Seniors Launched by Firm

October 1st, 2010

A detailed home inspection checklist has recently been launched by the Senior Home Safety Network (SHSN) as part of the company's services designed to make sure that seniors living in their residences are safe. The company's service also helps keep children of senior people free from worries with regards to the wellbeing of their parents.

The latest services aimed at senior dwellers are part of SHSN's several offerings. The firm has regional units in 42 U.S. cities, which makes it easier for clients to get in touch with them and seek their help, particularly if these clients are worried about the safety of their elderly parents or grandparents living on their own.

As part of the senior services, the company will provide assistance in identifying safety hazards at the home where the grandparents or parents are living. They will also inspect other security concerns at the premises that can affect the value of the property and make sure that the dwelling is in good order and in a suitable condition for seniors to get home to, particularly if they had been away from the house for a certain period of time.

Part of the home inspection checklist of the company is making sure electric wirings and plumbing systems are in good order and that areas that are in need of renovation or repainting are taken care of. Problems that can cause safety hazards are the primary focus though, as most senior home dwellers might not be aware that a simple change within the house can cause accidents and unwanted consequences.

According to the founders of the company, their inspectors are all certified and have proper training in terms of identifying and solving home-related safety concerns. These inspectors also have certified clear criminal records and are instructed to follow practice standards that cover privacy and network reporting requirements.

SHSN has revealed that its primary mission is to assist senior citizens and their families in their quest to provide quality of life to elderly people aging in place. They further added that the home inspection checklist was developed by people who have had experience of taking care of senior family members and they know what is needed in situations such as this.

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