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Home Inspection Prior to Listing Can Benefit Sellers

January 12th, 2010
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Home inspection prior to listing can benefit sellers, according to real estate brokers.

The pre-market house inspection report can guide the seller about needed repairs and the current conditions of the major systems of the house. The owner can then decide whether to leave the conditions as is and give discounts to the buyer or make the needed repairs so that the maximum price can be asked.

The ready certified house inspection report can also be used as an additional marketing tool when talking with prospective buyers. The report will generate immediate positive feelings about the sincerity of the seller to be honest with buyers.

Future claims or lawsuits regarding the true condition of the house would also be avoided if there is a pre-market inspection report. Any condition of the home that puts the safety and security of current owners and prospective buyers at risk would also be addressed immediately.

Most buyers oftentimes still want their own inspection even if there is already an inspection paid for by the seller. If this is the case, owners should require the inspector and seller to be responsible for any damage directly caused by the inspection.

For both buyers and sellers, hiring a certified, experienced and recommended inspector to carry out the home inspection is important. There have been countless cases throughout the country in which inspectors do not know how residential systems work and are not able to determine the crucial defects that should be detected.

Oftentimes also, inexperienced inspectors record defects that are not really defects and deem some systems as completely non-functional when just a minor part needs to be replaced. An HVAC unit, for instance, needs only its faceplate, a part costing just $95, to be replaced to function well again.

In states that do not require licensing for home inspectors such as California, sellers and buyers should see to it that they hire inspectors who are members of house inspection organizations.

In California, they should choose among members of the California Real Estate Inspection Association or the American Society of Home Inspectors. These associations issue certificates to persons who complete their training modules and pass their inspection examinations.

When hiring home inspectors, sellers and buyers should also be clear about what parts of the house are going to be inspected, what parts are excluded, what kind of home inspection report is going to be accomplished and when the report would be given.

Home Inspection Benefits

Benefits of Mandatory House Inspection

June 26th, 2009
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The proposed mandatory house inspection for foreclosure properties and abandoned properties are being opposed by realtors and sellers who believe that mandatory home inspection would hinder the sale of their properties.

But builders and contractors who have seen the consequences of unsafe repairs on various house systems reiterate the importance of mandatory home inspection.

Mandatory home inspection would protect renters and buyers and their families, especially first time homebuyers who are not knowledgeable about home inspection.

First time homebuyers and first time individual investors are oftentimes enticed to skip house inspection because of the low asking price for the foreclosed homes. They are told that house conditions such as major electrical, plumbing and structural defects can easily be repaired or can easily be remedied by low-cost repair contractors.

Later, when the foreclosed or abandoned property which did not undergo professional house inspection would be rented out or sold to unsuspecting buyers, the occupants would be unaware of serious defects that could cause accidents or life-threatening situations.
It is irresponsible for sellers and realtors to skip house inspection. To prevent this negligence, mandatory property inspection for all communities is proposed.

Mandatory home inspection for abandoned foreclosure houses can also protect neighborhoods from deteriorating. Even neighborhoods in gated communities can become havens of squatters and criminals if vacant foreclosure properties are not supervised, inspected
and maintained for a long time.

Aside from blight, neighborhoods with foreclosure properties that are not inspected and maintained also face deterioration in home values. Prices of foreclosure homes go down, taking down with them the prices of nearby houses which are well-maintained and occupied.

Without professional inspection, foreclosure properties also put an overwhelming pressure on community resources such as fire service, sheriff’s office and emergency medical services. The presence of criminals would force municipalities to spend more tax money on law enforcement services.

All these community problems can be solved if mandatory home inspection is proposed and approved by legislators and then implemented.

House inspection will ensure that houses, especially abandoned foreclosure houses, are examined, fixed and maintained in compliance with building code provisions. Professional inspection will ensure that families are safe in their homes and that children are safe when they play in their backyards.

House inspection is not a costly undertaking especially if the benefits for families and communities are considered. Mandatory house inspection is a life-saving issue for legislators to consider.

Home Inspection Benefits

Presale Home Inspection Benefits Both Seller and Buyer

June 22nd, 2009
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A presale home inspection conducted by a professional home inspector benefits both the buyer and the seller.

If you are a seller, you would be able to repair defects previously undetected and remedy problems that could be of much importance to the buyer. Needless to say, there have been many home purchases that fell through because buyers saw something they think could be a problem to them if they buy the house.

If you had a presale home inspection done, you could also estimate if the discount the prospective buyer is asking is reasonable. It would be easier refusing an offer if you know the value of your house, including the extent of its defects.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, a presale home inspection would ensure that you are buying a home worth the money you are spending. A report from the house inspector would help you estimate how much discount or what types of repairs you are going to ask. The house inspection report would also help you decide whether to pursue the home purchase or walk away from the deal.

You can conduct your own house inspection ahead of the professional home inspection or you can make sure that the home inspector check out major parts of the house you are interested in buying.

Among the first parts you need to check are the overall structure of the house and the structural elements such as the walls, posts and the foundation. Ensure that corners are square and feel how the flooring reacts to your weight as you walk on different areas. Look for bulges and cracks in walls.

Next to check are the water and drainage systems. Track the direction of used water. Ensure that water drains away from the structure and not towards the basement or the foundation. Professionals experienced in special home inspection can detect evidence of water problems such as wood decay and mold.

Test also faucets and plumbing fixtures. Look for leaks and check the water pressure, especially in the upper floors.

Next to check are the electrical and heating systems. Look around to check that wires are not hanging loose or left hidden in corners. Professional home inspection will ensure that electrical systems meet electrical system regulations.

Before agreeing to buy a home, always see to it that the completion of the home sale depends on the result of the professional home inspection.

Home Inspection Benefits

Home Inspection Benefits for Both the Seller and Buyer.

December 12th, 2008
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With the abundance of foreclosed homes on the market, sometimes it can be daunting and exhilarating for a homebuyer to find one that he will like and buy. After buying the property, he discovered that the house has structural and plumbing problems that need major repairs. He feels cheated then, realizing that the house he […]

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Home Inspection Benefits

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