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An Essential Checklist for Home Inspection

November 27th, 2008

With the big drop in median home prices in some states like California, investors and first time buyers are attracted by these bargain prices to place their money in real estate. But before any change of hands could ensue or escrow transactions completed, broker agreements need to be completed and this includes sections regarding real estate home inspection.

Most home buyers are neither well-versed nor knowledgeable in details regarding home inspection services. To speed up the home purchase process, home buyers would usually just allow home inspectors to do their thing without bothering to go into full details just to satisfy the requirements of the broker agreements. However, purchasing rehabilitated or foreclosed properties involve several risks that home buyers would eventually regret in the long run.

To work around this predicament, home buyers should have a checklist to guide them if the home inspection was done properly or not. These guidelines should follow the standards set by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). The home buyer should also understand that not all California home inspectors are fully licensed to check all items in the guidelines, but getting a little knowledge about these items could maximize the benefits from these services.

Items that require special licenses and may not be part of standard home inspection services include: asbestos, radon, methane, formaldehyde, radiation, mold, mildew, rodents, lead and termites. General items should include the following: structural elements (ex: walls), exterior evaluation, roof and attic, plumbing, systems and components (ex: water heaters), appliances and the garage.

Reports do not usually include all details from the inspection; however, it should include all defective items or articles that need additional attention or service. Highlighted in the report should include: Health/safety issues, defective roofs, appliance malfunction, structural deficiencies, moisture/water damage, and plumbing issues.

Home inspection services are an integral part of home buying and should be one of the items that prospective home buyers should focus on to maximize the benefits from their new homes.

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