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How to Identify Good Home Inspectors from Con Artists

December 2nd, 2008

With only a few states requiring licenses for home inspectors, several individuals are taking advantage of the situation by offering their services without any qualifications or even any home inspection training. These individuals carry with them professional-looking business cards and hang around realtor offices to look for unsuspecting clients who may need home inspection services. The lack of licenses can make identification of qualified individuals quite difficult, but there are ways to identify the real deal and finally close that sales transaction.

Unless your state requires licenses for home inspection, you should choose inspectors that are certified by a reputable inspection association. A certification from the American Society of Home Inspectors could provide adequate assurance of getting reliable services. Info on other associations can be obtained from the internet or from your state or local government real estate department. Referrals from friends who have previous experiences in selling or buying would also be a good source of information. Recommendations from your real estate agents could also be considered, however, there is still a need to double check the credentials of these inspectors.

Sellers or buyers should ask sample reports. 20 to 50-page comprehensive reports that are painstakingly done with complete details backed up with photos and diagrams could indicate good home inspection services. Avoid inviduals who offer no report at all or could only give a haphazard 4 to 5 page article.

The homeowner or the prospective home buyer should be present at least during the last 30 minutes of the inspection job to get first-hand information on highlights. A thorough inspection is done in 3 hours of more. Certified inspectors who know what they are doing would point out real defects and concerns and would recommend further inspection to sections which require special licenses like the roof or pest control.

Finding a certified and reliable inspector is critical for a home sales transaction. It could save the seller from unnecessary costs due to wrong judgment or help the buyer identify real problems that should be addressed before closing the sale.

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