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Home Inspection Services

The housing boom that sent the country in a mortgage free-for-all a few years ago found several Americans buying homes at various prime locations across the states. Sadly, the effect of subprime lending that was popular during those days is paid for now with the growing number of foreclosures. On the other hand, the housing boom gave rise to the popularity of home inspection services, which have become an important prerequisite in buying and selling transactions.

Most home inspection cost carry a price tag of $250 to $400 depending on the size and complexity of your house. Just think of the fee as payment for an on-the-job tutorial from a knowledgeable home construction guru who can check your house for any quality defects or potential deficiencies in the construction.

Before any inspection work can begin, ensure that you and your inspector has agreed to the elements included in the inspection to be performed, which basically should include all major areas from the roof down to the basement of the house. Make it a point to hire inspectors that are properly insured to cover for any damages that may be incurred during inspection.

Home Inspection Services

Inspectors from certified home inspection companies are experts in this field, and being experts, they should be fully equipped with tools and methods that they will use during inspection. You should be dismayed to see your inspector reporting for duty with nothing but a pencil and a notepad.

Professionals should have basic tools and equipments, which they will use for a thorough inspection of the house. These include flashlights, screwdrivers, testers, ladders, measuring tools, level and a camera. An expert should not be hesitant to check attics or even crawl spaces.

It would be best for the buyer or homeowner to accompany their inspectors to check findings first hand. Most inspectors would not mind the company and would even allow clients to tape their findings as they go along. Lastly, a homeowner should expect a thorough and detailed report from the inspector highlighting all his findings and outlining his recommendations.

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