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How to Choose the Best Home Inspector

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Several American states and Canadian provinces do not have regulations for home inspectors. This situation has made it difficult for homebuyers or sellers to distinguish the competence of one home inspector from another for lack of a home inspection license and questions like "how to choose a home inspector" arise often unanswered. However, there are still ways for you to gauge the competency and experience of inspectors and get the best home inspection services that you need.

1) Check the home inspector’s background and experience.

A home inspector should be an expert in building and construction to give an accurate assessment for a home. Having a background in architecture, engineering and contracting would be a plus factor but years of experience as a professional looking for problems in a home should be the one thing that you should look for.

2) The home inspector should be independent and impartial.

The inspector is in the business of inspecting homes for flaws or problems, and should not concern himself regarding the sales nor should he endorse a rehabilitation company.

3) Look for an inspector who is certified by a reputable association.

Inspectors who are members of a credible association of home inspectors like the A.S.H.I would be favorable to hire. Being a member entails them to undergo special training programs and they should adhere to a strict code of ethics.

4) Check if the fees they offer are reasonable.

The cost for a residential home inspection ranges from $150 to $500 as one house varies from another in size and complexity. When comparing prices it should be important to note what items are inclusive and how long the inspection would take. Having different quotes and knowing this information would allow you to weight which inspector or company is providing the most reasonable price for their services.

5) The inspector should know how to make a good report.

The most important part of the job an inspector is the home inspector report. This is where the inspector highlights the problems and issues found in the home and his recommendations. A good report can take up to 20 pages complete with pictures or diagrams.

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