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What to Do After Receiving Home Inspection Reports

What to Do After Receiving Home Inspection Reports

Even if you perceive your future home as perfect, there will always be some errors. As to humans, no home is perfect!

That is why there are home inspection reports. If you know the condition of your possible home, you can now assess if it is still worth its price and if terms are still acceptable.

These inspection reports may cause you further expenses on the repair or reconstruction of the problem area. But remember, you will eventually pull out some money too if the problems emerge in the future.

So, remember these considerations before you take any action toward you acquiring your new home:

  • Every house, even the new ones will have construction errors.
  • Minor problems are unavoidable. Like old houses, new homes require a lot of maintenance.
  • Even if you see these negative things about your new house, it may still be a good deal.
  • Do not rush and over see things. Take note of the home condition and know how to fix them.
  • Talk to the experts. A home broker, a contractor or a lawyer can help you assess the possible expenses and the risks associated with the home purchase.
  • Know which problem to prioritize based on the home inspection reports.

Now, you decide.

  • Knowing the home condition is acceptable: Go on with the purchase!
  • If the expenses will be too much remind the builder that the repairs are done before closing the deal: Conditions are compromised!
  • But remember, you cannot demand because the repairs are still based to the standards of workmanship and materials. If conflict occurs, the process will cost both team time and money.
  • If the seller adjusts the price or terms have major problems: Renegotiate!
  • You are pressured by the overwhelming price and conditions: Reject the sale!

You are in control because you hold the money, you will be the one who will spend and if ever lose money to waste.

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