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Basic Things about Home Inspection Service That You Should Know

February 17th, 2009

When buying a property, getting a home inspection is one of the first decisions to make. How do you know if you should or should not hire a home inspector?

Having your prospect property inspected can definitely relieve you of a lot of stress. During inspection, you get the chance to know about the condition of the home. Knowing about the needed repairs early on can save you considerable amount. When the home inspection report reveals that there are home problems that have to be fixed, you have an option to either have the home price slashed or ask the present owner to shoulder the cost of fixing the problems. Either way, you save money.

Early detection of problems during home inspection not only takes care of the present – it also gives assurance that you will not be encountering problems in the near future. Aside from the fact that your finances secured, more importantly, it protects the safety of you and your family.

A home inspector can give you a professional evaluation of the property. You can expect to get honest and unbiased evaluation, one that you cannot always expect from the home seller. You will have enough knowledge not only about the general structure of the home but also the different systems in it.

The first step in home inspection service is a visual examination of the property. The inspector goes around the house before preparing a home inspection report. It is advisable to attend the inspection so you would be able to ask relevant questions to your inspector. A good inspector is one who is able to answer your questions clearly and in a manner that you can understand very well.

You must look for some important details in a home inspection report. The first few things to pay attention to are the foundation walls, the roofing, the bathrooms and kitchen, the electrical and plumbing systems, and air conditioning and heaters. Another important thing that your home owner must check out for is the presence of leaks and moisture that could be sources of mold growth.

When choosing a home inspection company, look for one that has undergone training and certification. It is advisable to choose a company that is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Home inspection is a significant step in a home sale. It is necessary that you hire only the most qualified people.

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