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Home Inspection List Should Include Local Firm

August 13th, 2010

According to those who have already used the services of Accurate Inspections, homebuyers should include the company in their home inspection list. The Texoma-based house inspection service firm is owned by Don Crook and Allison Crook and has been chosen as the Best Home Inspection Company in the area for the past four years.

Don, along with associate Richard Seay, takes care of the house inspection tasks while Allison works as the company's business and office manager. Prior to launching Accurate, Don worked as an insurance adjuster and was also active in the motorcycle family business. He revealed that after six years of dealing with long periods of time away from home, he just decided to use his adjuster talents to launch the property inspection company.

Crook stated that he had always been interested in this type of business. The company conducted its first inspection six years ago in June 2004. The firm is Texas Real Estate Commission-licensed and Crook has revealed that for every house that will be inspected, a seven-page report or form should be filled up.

He talked about trying to remain sensitive to what homebuyers have on their home inspection list. In short, there is a need to be aware of what the homebuyer is searching for. He states that, as opposed to the buyer, they try to look at every house in an objective and professional manner. When Crook is on the field inspecting a residential property, he claims that he starts with the curb.

He details the process he uses during the inspection. According to him, he checks the land where the house is built and examines possible drainage concerns. He then moves on to foundation exploration to find out if there are structural concerns. He advises other inspectors that sidings should be the first stop when checking for structural or foundation problems.

Crook then moves to electrical and plumbing systems, roofing and other areas of the property. He states that most buyers do not have aesthetics on top of their home inspection list, but are more into home problems that can take them by surprise and cost thousands of dollars to fix. He adds that in the area, around 85% of homes sold involved inspections.


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