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A homebuyer inspection is a powerful tool to ensure that the home you buy is suitable.


Home Buyer's Guide to Home Inspection

Guide to Home Inspection

Nowadays, more and more homebuyers are relying on home inspection report when making their final decision to push through with their plans to purchase a home.

After finding a house that interest you, the next thing that you should do before making a closing is to find yourself an experienced home inspector. Find an inspector who has performed a lot of inspections and can provide you with a detailed report on the house's condition which would help you in making an informed decision.

Some things that you need to find out before hiring an inspector:

  • The company's liability insurance and its coverage
  • Number of years in the home inspection service
  • Affiliation with the home inspection association in your area
  • References from other clients

Things to remember during a home inspection:

  • Do not allow or require the inspector to conduct his inspection when it is dark, snowing or raining. Inspection involves checking the entire property, both interior and exterior areas. Doing the inspection in daylight will make the process easier and quicker.
  • If the inspector refuses to inspect crawl spaces, basements, garage, attic or any areas specified in the contract, contact his supervisor or find another inspector.
  • A general home inspection covers the following areas of the house;
    • Land and lot
    • Exterior and interior foundation
    • Support structure of the roof
    • Attic
    • Basement
    • Windows
    • Insulation
    • Flashing, gutters and downspouts of the roof
    • Electrical system such as circuit breaker and electrical panel
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating system
    • Kitchen and kitchen appliances
    • Exterior and interior plumbing
    • Any attached structures

An inspection for toxic substances such as lead, radon, asbestos and molds and mildew is necessary especially if you are buying an older home. Just make sure that you will hire an inspector who has a license and specializes in doing toxic substances inspection.

Remember, a thorough and efficient home inspection is time consuming and expensive, but ultimately worth it.

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