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Keep Your Home Termite-Free, Hire a House Inspection Expert

July 9th, 2009

Houses in Florida are not only in danger of being battered by hurricanes; they are also at risk of being clobbered by termites. So if your house is in Florida, have a house inspection conducted by a professional home inspector specializing in termite inspection.

In Florida, there are several species of termites that can destroy houses if they are not detected during house inspection and are not eliminated.

Drywood termites build their colonies in dry, good wood. While they eat the wood, they make small pellets and pile them around their homes.

Subterranean termites live underground in colonies that can comprise over 1 million termites. As they move above ground, they built tunnels to prevent them from being seen and from being killed by predators. They use the tunnels to enter a house and then eat furniture, drywall, books and other materials. During house inspection these tunnels can be detected by a good house inspector.

Formosan termites are the more ravenous species because of their larger colonies, which often times comprise of millions of termites. They can destroy parts of a house more quickly than the other termite species.

Subterranean termites can be controlled or eliminated through regular house inspection and preventive maintenance. Fix your drainage system so it will prevent water from accumulating near the home’s foundations and will eliminate potential sites for termites. A regular house inspection can pinpoint problems in these areas.

Remove all wood and soil contacts near the foundation of your house and around your
house. Store wood stacks away from your house and off the soil.

Do not maintain mulch beds near your house, as mulch can become sources of moisture and food for termites. Your crawlspaces should also be free from newspapers, old books, scrap wood and boxes as these materials can attract termites. Crawlspaces should also have ventilation.

Drywood termites can be controlled by sealing wood with varnish, paint or sealant. Wood cracks and nail holes should be sealed to discourage termites from eating the wood.

Windows and doors can be protected by covering them with 2-mesh screens, especially windows that cover attic and crawl space openings.

Termite treatments can cost $1,000 or $2,000, but they will protect you from spending thousands more for repairs if parts of your house are destroyed. Conduct a professional house inspection to ensure your house is termite-free.

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