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Proper Inspection Homes and Saving on Home Insurance Cost

October 13th, 2009

For some Florida homeowners, saving on insurance costs has been made possible with proper inspection homes. The state already requires insurance companies to offer discounts or credits to homeowners who install safety features that will reduce loss and damages due to fire, burglary or even floods.

Such discounts are not enough if you are serious about reducing the amount you have to pay in insurance premiums. One effective way is to hire a wind mitigation inspector who can check if your roof can withstand strong winds and storms.

In Florida, there is a particular legislation which will allow homeowners to enjoy some savings as well as rate differential if their home’s roof was constructed using techniques that is able to minimize wind damages.

The basis of the law is simple — the stronger your roof is, the less money that the insurer will have to pay you in the event of a hurricane.

If you think that your roof is too old to have wind mitigation devices installed, think again. A lot of inspection homes expert have been reinforcing homes with such devices, even those that were constructed before Hurricane Andrew.

In addition, some of these old houses already have hurricane clips. Once a home inspector verifies its existence and reports it to the insurer, the homeowner can certainly enjoy significant savings.

Experts are advising homeowners to have their roofs checked and professionally inspected to determine the presence of wind mitigation devices. Usually, homes constructed after 1994 and 2001 meet certain Florida building codes that makes you qualified for credit.

There are also other things which a professional inspection homes can include as part of its mitigation device verification. These include design of the garage doors, window protection and roof construction. Not only will you enjoy savings on insurance premiums but you also get to learn about the weak spots in your home.

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