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What House Inspectors Should Check

September 21st, 2009

Houses can look okay and fine, but you may not know details that would make them fail a great deal. House inspectors are here top help you evaluate your house. Here are some areas you should make sure to be checked, as well as what details are to be inspected:

  • The house structure. You can check the house structure by yourself by standing at a certain distance. From there, look at the house and how it stands. Inside, you can check the walls and make sure that they do not bow. Also, the floors should be checked and made sure to be stable and solid.
  • Water. You have to make sure that water goes away from the house. Also, ask for the pipes to be inspected so that there are no leaks in them.
  • Roof. Make sure that the roof is strong. It should be installed properly so that it can serve its purpose well.
  • Details. The finishing details should look flawless. This would show great workmanship and also strong and quality materials.
  • Kitchen and bathroom. Check the sinks, bath tubs and even toilet bowls. They should work properly. Also, check and inspect the pressure of the faucet and the flush.
  • Electrical. This is one of the most important aspects you should check in a house. You can check for the number of electrical outlets and if it would match your needs. Also, make sure that the connections are installed properly and that the main breaker is at 100 amps at least.
  • Water heater. House inspectors should be able to give a comprehensive report not only of the water heater, but of the plumbing as well. Depending on your preference, you can go with an electric heater or a gas heater.
  • Heater. Make sure that the furnace or any heating unit in your house is running efficiently. Rooms should be properly insulated, and air conditioning should also be properly installed.
  • Insulation. House inspectors would be able to give you information regarding the insulation in your house. For instance, if you are in an area with a moderate climate, you should look for insulation that is at least R-19. Also, if you are in a cold area, your insulation should be at least R-38.

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