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Home Inspectors in NY Offer Free Additional Services

September 30th, 2009

Most home inspectors in NY offer free additional services to win more customers. Some offer free mold sampling, free termite inspection, free digital photos and free energy-efficiency advice.

If you live in New York or plan to buy a house in New York, you can compare the services offered by house inspectors working in New York by visiting comparison sites that feature home inspectors and inspection companies.

Make sure the home inspector you choose is licensed in New York and licensed in the area where the targeted house is located. See to it also that the home inspector is a certified member of a well-known house inspection association in the U.S. like the American Society of Home Inspectors and a member of a statewide home inspection association in New York.

Based on data from comparison sites, home inspectors in New York vary in their specialization, in the methods and tools they use, in the number of years they have been doing inspection work and in the types of warranties and free services offered.

Some inspection firms are the New York units of national home inspection companies; others are operating only in New York. Several are independent but licensed home inspectors in NY running their inspection businesses from their homes.
When you deal with a house inspection firm, ask the firm to provide you in advance the name of the house inspector to be assigned to you, including information about the experiences and training of the assigned inspector.

One advantage of dealing directly with a house inspector over dealing with the clerk of a house inspection company is that you can gauge immediately the personality of the home inspector while asking him questions about how he is going to conduct the inspection.

Remember also to ask the inspector or the inspection firm about the inspection report. Some reports are given immediately after the inspection because they are just checklists with written comments. Others are just written descriptions of conditions found. Some reports are more detailed, and these are typically given a day or days after the inspection.

The other issues that you need to ask are the parts or systems of the house excluded from the inspection. If you are particular about lead, termites, molds or other potentially hazardous substances, look for home inspectors in NY that include these specialized inspections at reasonable fees.

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