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Find Your Dream Home with the Help of House Inspectors

June 29th, 2009

You can still find your dream home among foreclosed houses and other distressed homes in many areas of the country, as long as you hire professional house inspectors to make sure that the house you are buying is worth your investment.

There are foreclosure houses which are well maintained, especially in communities that are fiercely guarding their areas against deterioration from foreclosures. But there are also foreclosure properties which have deteriorated to a point that they need major repairs.

For both conditions, you need the services of professional house inspectors. For well-maintained foreclosure houses, home inspectors can make sure that what you initially see is the real condition of the property.

For abandoned homes, house inspectors can help you determine the damages and defects and help you estimate the cost of repairs. Their home inspection reports can help you decide if the repairs can be covered by future profits or price discounts from the seller or if it is better for you to walk away from the planned purchase.

Sellers can also benefit from the work of home inspectors. Owners are able to identify defects and damages that they need to repair so that they can remedy them before buyers see them. Needless to say, it is easier to sell houses that have no defects or damages.

Sellers can also estimate the level of discounts that they can give to potential buyers if they know the defects of their houses.

If you cannot get information about home inspectors or referrals from your family, neighbors or friends, you can visit the American
Society of Home Inspectors’ web site. ASHI, considered among the most respected home inspection associations in the county, has more stringent membership requirements than other house inspection associations.

On the ASHI web site, you can find qualified house inspectors in your area. The inspectors’ specialties and experiences and related information are also included.

As you choose from the listed house inspectors, check references. Do not base your choice solely on price. Fees typically go up if specialized inspections are needed, such as inspection of septic systems, termite inspection and detection of toxic building materials.

When interviewing home inspectors, ask how they do their inspections and ask for sample inspection reports.

Lastly, attend the house inspection. This is your opportunity to learn from house inspectors and to make sure that you are making a great investment.

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