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Both the Buyer and the Seller Should Get a Home Inspector

February 27th, 2009

Prior to purchasing a home, it is important for a buyer to conduct a home inspection services. A typical home inspection cost is around $485 and above, and investing in getting a home inspection report can even be worth more than all the other unnecessary costs a buyer can incur.

Even if the seller already provides you with a home inspection report, it is highly advisable for you to still conduct your own. Usually, a home inspection is conducted after the seller has made their offer. This is assuming that the seller had also conducted a thorough inspection of the property.

As the buyer, you deserve to know every important detail about the house, such as electrical outlets, furnaces, doors and roofs. It is also highly recommended to go with the inspector as he goes through the whole property. In case you are to purchase the house, at least you know the parts that need attention, such as repair or upgrades.

Based on the report given to you by the seller, as well as the report made by the home inspector you hired, you can then make an offer that is contingent on both results. Moreover, you can decide to cancel your offer to purchase the property, in case the home inspection proves that the house is not worthy to be bought.

On the other hand, if you are the seller of a house, you should also take the responsibility of conducting a home inspection before selling the property. This will give buyers the impression that you are a credible seller and that you do business the right way. You can provide a home inspection report to buyers, disclosing every detail important about the house. This does not only establish your credibility as a seller, but it also gives the buyer a good idea of the condition of the house.

However, it is important to note that however extensive a home inspection may be, trivial items for repair are not mentioned anymore. By default, it is the seller’s responsibility to make the necessary repairs for minor details. Also, depending on the market, the seller may even opt to refuse to repair anything in the house. If the market for the house is hot, then he can opt to refuse repairing anything. However, if the market is cold, he can do repairs so that he will not lose the chance to sell at such a futile season.

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