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Benefits of Hiring a Home Inspector For Pre-Listing Check

December 17th, 2008

With the abundance of foreclosed homes in the market, home buyers can afford to be choosy. Buyers will rather choose a pre-inspected home than the one without an inspection.
As most experts recommend that home buyers conduct an inspection first before closing for a sale, it is to your advantage if you hire a professional home inspector to do a pre-listing inspection before you put your house on the market.
Here is a rundown of advantages of hiring a home inspector to conduct a pre-listing inspection;

  • It will save you time. Hiring a home inspection company to inspect your home before putting it on the market will allow you to identify and anticipate problems that a home buyer swill see when he do his own home inspection.
  • Having identified some structural problems in your home, you can now make repairs before listing your house for sale. You can disclose the repairs you have made to the home buyer and reflect it in the final purchase price.
  • A pre-listing inspection will allow you to make cost-effective repairs. Buyers usually overestimate the cost of repairs to be done and expect that you will deduct that cost on the purchase price.
  • You can set the market price for your property realistically.
  • It may influence the buyer to forego the inspection contingency and save him paying the home inspection cost. The potential buyer will be assured about your home’s condition which could mean a faster sale.
  • You will have a legal advantage, thus reducing your liability when you add a professional home inspection report of your property’s pre-listing condition.
  • It may provide you time to address safety issues before anyone will start a tour of your home.

A readily available report of the home’s condition from a certified inspector will help in the negotiation process and hopefully result in a successful sale.

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