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Why New Homebuyers Should Hire Home Inspectors

February 3rd, 2009

Not all buyers of new homes are aware that their contract contains a home inspection clause. It would be to your advantage and benefit if you use this inspection clause and hire professional home inspectors during the home building and after the house is completed.

Now, why should you hire a home inspector when the house is new? Not all builders and contractors are supervised by local or state government officials. And not all city or town building inspectors perform home inspection. Only a handful of municipal inspectors really spend the time to fully make a home building inspection.

Furthermore, some problems with the new houses are not code violations and therefore they are not of concern to municipal inspectors. A qualified home inspector would be able to identify safety issues and structural deficiencies in your new home.

The first step in home inspection is the checking of roof frames and exterior walls. It is then followed by the inspection of open wall and insulation. The last stage would be a final walk-through checking of the house.

Be cautious of builders who refuse to let you hire a home inspection services provider. A builder who has something to hide may prevent you from performing an inspection of your new home.

If you missed or failed to avail of the chance to perform inspections during the building of your home, you still have the opportunity to do so. Majority of new home builders offer warranty period for owners of new houses.

Another reason why you should hire an inspector is because most construction works such as framing, plumbing and electrical are subcontracted to lowest bidders. This means that speed and not quality is the main consideration of the home builder.

Hiring an inspector for your new home may mean additional costs for you but it will surely spare you a lot of problems in the future.

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