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When House Inspection Is Done by an Incompetent Inspector

July 28th, 2009

Every homebuyer expects a house inspector to conduct the house inspection thoroughly and professionally. But as shown in many cases of failed home inspections, there are house inspectors who are not able to carry out what they are hired to do.

So when it is time for you to conduct a house inspection, either as a seller or a buyer, choose your house inspector wisely. Ask for referrals from your network and make sure you are hiring someone who is licensed in your state and who is a member of a reputable home inspection association.

In a case of house inspection gone wrong in Wakefield, Virginia, the home buyers claimed that they hired a house inspector belonging to a house inspection company known to charge higher fees because of its reputation.

The Bennetts were ecstatic when a house they found in Wakefield was found to be without major defects. They paid the house for $130,000 through a home loan and then happily moved into the house together with their two children.

But just three weeks later, rainwater leaked through the foundation and flooded the basement. When they investigated further, they found they could easily pull off the outer siding, discovering water damage and lots of mold. When they examined the insulation in the basement, they discovered rotting boards and more mold.

When the town health officer and building inspector checked the house, they found too many health hazards and structural defects that they had to condemn the house. A mold test showed that several kinds of mold have been growing on the exterior walls, on the roof and in the basement.

The Bennetts are devastated and are at a loss why the house inspector they hired did not see the mold and the structural defects.

They said they saved for three years for a down payment and to build a good credit record to qualify for a home loan.

The Bennetts are planning to sue the house inspection company and the former owners of the house. Meanwhile, they do not know yet where to go.

The case of the Bennetts illustrates the importance of spending effort and time to choose qualified house inspectors. Professional and thorough house inspection should be at the top of home buyers’ priorities as this determines whether a house purchased becomes a dwelling or a nightmare for the family.

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