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What Home Inspection Services Are Needed for Green Homes

October 5th, 2009

Majority of the home inspection services being provided today have not yet to include energy efficiency issues. But with the growing demand for green homes, home buyers have started to become proactive when it comes to asking the inspectors questions.

Today, it is not enough that the home inspector you hire is licensed and considered to be a professional. You might want to look for one which is aware of the growing trend of energy-efficient homes. By hiring one, you end up saving more in the long run as well as doing your share in protecting the environment.

Among the questions that you should ask your inspector should include the following:

  • Methods of increasing your home’s HVAC System in terms of efficiency. This includes checking for the installation date, efficiency rating and current condition of the system. Build up of corrosion or dirt can seriously affect the entire system’s efficiency.
  • Ways to eliminate condensation between pane windows especially those are doubled.
  • The right type of home insulation and where it could be placed. The home inspection services should include checking the existence of insulation and if it is up to code. Also, it is vital that the existing insulation cannot be penetrated by the outside humid air.
  • Checking the home’s wiring system and determining if it was installed by a professional. Knowing how old your electrical system is also important as you may need to evaluate whether you will need to rewire everything to prevent ay incidence of fire.
  • Shifting to a programmable thermostat
  • Kind of paint to be used on the roof so that it will be more reflective
  • Inspecting the plumbing and determining the kind of metal used as pipes.

Hiring a particular provider of home inspection services should be based on how they would address these particular concerns. It is important that the inspector is well-versed on all the “green” systems in a residential home, particularly newly-constructed ones. If you want, you can choose to accompany the inspector in order to have a better understanding of the entire process.

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