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The Importance of Home Inspection and Why Buyers Should Have One

December 9th, 2008

Just like a physical examination by a doctor is needed as part of pre-employment requirements, a home inspection performed by duly certified home inspectors is required before selling or purchasing a home.

Just as the results of a physical and medical exam can determine if the applicant is fit to perform the job requirements, a home inspection report also points out problems and possible symptoms that need attention, remediation or further inspection in a house that is for sale.

The intrinsic value of a home can be clearly defined after undergoing a third-party inspection. This information can either highlight the positive features of a home or point out possible defects or deficiencies that will need additional maintenance or repair that will add up to the value of the home. The results of inspection and recommendations from home inspectors can help the seller or a buyer of a home make critical decisions that will affect the outcome of the home sales deal.

Home inspection services provide practical information that can be used as basis for decisions on the business aspect of a home sale. The cost of identified problems like the need to change part or the whole roof, or the need to make repairs or replacement to a furnace can be factored in when putting a price tag to the home.

This type of information will also give peace of mind to buyers. Knowing potential defects before the sales is obviously better than knowing about it after moving in. It can cost the buyer thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements if the information comes in too late.

Some home inspection companies provide after-inspection services to help the buyer or an owner maintain the home. These services include maintenance tips, tools for planning renovations, guides and other resources to help the owner improve the home. Short term warranties can also be given by these companies and provide additional protection for the owners.

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