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Have a Home Inspection Before You Sell Your House

March 13th, 2009

If you are shopping for a home, the two most important factors you need to assess aside from your budget is the location of the house and its condition. The overall state of the house will make or break its sale.

A home inspection will not only give the buyer an idea of the property that he wants to purchase. It will also determine the price of the house. Therefore, in as much as the buyer needs a home inspector to help him decide whether to purchase a house or not, the seller also needs to have a home inspection so that he will know how to put value on the house.

This puts everything in black and white so that there are no problems in pricing. Also, a home inspection will save you time and money from doing the inspection all by yourself. Aside from the market analysis prepared by a real estate agent, the home inspection report will also help you put a price on the house. If the house is in top condition, or if there are new appliances and installations in the property, then a home inspection report can prove that and therefore increase the pricing of your house.

The seller also has the responsibility of undertaking the necessary repairs for a house. A home inspection will reveal the areas and items in the house that need to be repaired. After the repairs have been done, the seller can attach proofs to the inspection report to prove that repairs have actually been done. This increases the chances for the home to be sold easily.

A home inspection will primarily make negotiations as objective as possible. Moreover, since everything about the condition of the house is included in the home inspection report, there would be fewer needs for renegotiations.

By investing in hiring a home inspector, you not only save time. You are also able to establish yourself as a seller with integrity and objectivity. The price you pay for a professional home inspector is well worth every time and money you will spend.

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