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Guide to Preparing for House Inspectors

April 16th, 2009

If you are selling your home, some of the things that you need to prepare for are visits by house inspectors. Either the house inspectors are sent by the buyers or they are hired by you to fulfill local government home inspection requirements. Your main goal would be to get a favorable home inspection report and home inspection certification to enable you to sell your home easily.

Here are the things you need to do before the house inspectors arrive and do their home inspection:

  1. Clean your house and your surroundings
  2. Cleanliness enhances the overall look of a house. House inspectors will put good marks on many parts of the house if they look well maintained. Cleaning will also show you parts of the house that need minor repair.

  3. Provide inspection space around your air conditioner, water heater and furnace
  4. Remove furniture, boxes or other things that block the house inspector from examining the water heater, air conditioner and furnace.

  5. Make sure utilities are connected
  6. The house inspector needs to check major equipment on his home inspection checklist so he needs to be able to turn these on. These include the furnace, air conditioner, stove, dishwasher, receptacles, faucets and grounding.

  7. Make the attic, basement and garage accessible
  8. Remove boxes and other clutter that block access to the garage, basement and attic. See that house inspectors can check the walls easily.

  9. Have the pilot lights on
  10. If the pilot lights are on, house inspectors can check the gas stove, furnace or water heater as thoroughly as they desire.

  11. Make available keys for electrical boxes and outbuildings
  12. House inspectors need to access parts of the property that are not attached to your main house.

  13. Make exterior inspection easier
  14. Clean the surroundings. House inspectors need to walk around easily so they can see what they want to focus on. Buyers might have specific instructions or plans about the exteriors.

  15. Show upgrade or repair documents
  16. Buyers’ questions about repairs can be answered easily by house inspectors if they have documents to check for facts and data. Buyers would be pleased about upgrades.

  17. Be ready early on home inspection day
  18. Your house should be ready for house inspectors at least 30 minutes before the scheduled inspection time. If you have pets, they should have been fed and kept in their houses by this time.

  19. Plan an activity for the day if you have young children
  20. If the house inspectors or buyers prefer that you do not inspect the house with them, you need to plan an activity for your children in another place. Prepare for at least three hours of home inspection.

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