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Common Problems Encountered During Home Inspections

January 5th, 2009

Most home inspection reports showed that majority of structural problems and material defects, especially in foreclosed homes, are quite routine in nature. That is why homebuyers, especially first timers, should hire a home inspector who has several number of years in the home inspection business.

He should also try to learn by asking around if the home inspector is efficient enough to spot uncommon problems in a house and would not hesitate to check on attics, basements and crawl spaces.

Some common structural problems and material defects are:

  • Roofing – defects in roofs are usually caused by improper installations or aging. Some roofing problems does not entail that roofs should be replaced. However, they are likely to need repair and regular maintenance.
  • Ceiling stains – stains in the ceilings may mean past or current water leaks. It is often difficult to determine if these leaks have been repaired or will reoccur in the near future.
  • Violations of electrical safety codes – some of these common residential violations of electrical codes and safety problems are unsafe electrical panel screws, faulty wiring, circuit or main wire connection open and ground-fault with no ground.
  • Faulty ground drainage – faulty ground drainage may cause water to enter beneath houses. This problem is sometimes difficult to detect and resolve, which in the long run, may cause structural damage.
  • Rotted wood – this problem is common in areas of the house that have been wet for a long period of time. Homebuyers should be wary of areas that have fresh pain coat because they might be hiding some major problems. Some areas that are usually wet are eaves, decks, trim, bathroom floors and walls.
  • Water heater violations – several code requirement violations include substandard overflow piping, faulty gas lines, inadequate strapping and unsafe flue conditions.
  • Plumbing defects – these may include dripping faucets, loose toilets, leaking drains and slow drains.

A home inspection checklist is a useful tool for homebuyers to help them make a thorough evaluation of the house before finalizing the sale.

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