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Choosing a Skillful Home Inspector

December 1st, 2008

Before hiring a home inspector, make sure that he has the qualifications to carry out an inspection that will ensure what you are buying is a wise investment. Do not scrimp on the cost. Home inspection is part of the process of investing in a home wisely.

There are ten factors you should consider when choosing a home inspector:

Ask for the inspector’s complete license number, including any letter before or after the license number. The letter denotes whether the inspector is fully licensed, an apprentice or a trainee.

Inquire about the training the inspector has received from an accredited trade school. Formal training in home inspection are not yet prevalent, so ask whether the inspector has had some training received as an electrician, builder or carpenter. Ask which training qualifications had enabled the inspector to get a home inspector license.

Do not rely on the number of years the inspector has been working as a home inspector. Ask for particular real estate home inspection experiences, such as the number of real estate inspections he has conducted ever since he started and the average number of inspections he conducts in a month or in a year.

Home Inspection Insurance
Make sure that the inspector has an Errors & Omissions or liability insurance.

Association Membership
Check whether the inspector has a home inspector certification from a reputable professional organization.

If the inspector asks you to witness the home inspection process that takes two to four hours, then this kind of inspector means well.

Home Inspection Report
Ensure that the inspector accomplishes the inspection report within days and demand that you need a thorough report.

As in other consumer goods, the cheaper the price, the lower the quality. Some home inspectors charge fees higher than average because they are confident of what they can offer to homeowners.

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