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What to Ask During Home Inspection

March 5th, 2009

A successful home purchase is something to be excited about. It does not end there, however. The process is just on its way to the end. The next move is to get a home inspection. Unfortunately, the process is not very easy – it can be challenging especially for new homeowners. Fortunately, getting a home inspection can eventually spare you a lot of trouble and is worth all the effort in the end.

A home inspection not only lets you know about the condition of a house. It can even save you considerable amount as you can have the home price cut down when home inspection reports show major problems in the property. You can also ask the seller to fix the problems before you take over the property. If you do not conduct home inspection, you would not find out about necessary repairs early on.

When you hire a home inspector, there are things that you might need to ask them. It is therefore advisable to be present during home inspection. Here are some things you might ask your home inspector:

  • Ask about all matters regarding the home that might concern you. Different buyers have different specific concerns; let your home inspector know about yours.
  • Inquire about the drainage system of the property. You have to know whether the drainage is functioning well. Aside from the drainage, you can ask about other matters regarding the exteriors such as protecting the roofing. Also, if the property has a basement, you can ask the home inspector for tips on how to keep it dry.
  • There are some things around the house that can make acquiring insurance harder than usual. One example is when the house has aluminium wiring or knob and tube wiring. You can ask your inspector if the house has those materials.
  • Ask your home inspector regarding the house plumbing. You have to know whether the clean out cap is brand new as there may be issues when it is. Also ask about the pipes. As for the heating system, ask about its every part.
  • Most importantly, ask about the home structure. Even if they would not be able to tell you about the insides of the walls, they can give you a general idea on whether the home is sturdy.

You can ask several questions to your home inspector but remember to limit them to those he can answer. Stick to questions that have to do with the condition of the house; refrain from asking questions about the price or whether you should buy the property or not. Home inspectors cannot give you the answer to those questions; they can only help you arrive at a wise decision.

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