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The Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

December 9th, 2008

The current condition of the home market has been more stringent in terms of requirements and contingencies. As a major investment venture, homebuyers are making sure that what they are buying is worth the funds that they will put into the transaction, particularly if the home considered is already an existing structure. For such reasons, a home inspection certification is required before closing the deal.

Prospective homebuyers rely on the inspectionresults of certified real estate home inspectors to gauge whether they will proceed with the transaction and would demand additional remediation from the seller, or would turn down the deal.

Sellers who want to get a good deal from the home sales transaction should have a pre-sale home inspection from certified home inspectors. It appears redundant to undertake such a procedure since the buyers will most likely have their own home inspection services before deciding to buy a home.

However, engaging in such inspection procedures will inform the seller on potential problems in their homes which they can remedy before selling. The report can point out good qualities and features in the home which can be used for marketing the property. The report can also outline possible opportunities for enhancements that could increase the value of the home even more. Having a sound foundation and excellent house conditions with favorable features can make the seller put a profitable tag price to their homes.

If left unattended, these problems can show up at the buyer’s home inspection report, which could either make the buyer ask for a much lower asking price or totally cancel the deal. An inspection report that highlights no major issues or problems with the home could satisfy even the most reluctant of buyers and seal the sales transaction more quickly. The seller would get a good deal for his investments, and the buyer would finally have the home he or she is looking for.

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