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A Field Guide to Final Home Inspection

December 2nd, 2008

Knowledge in home inspection has become an important and invaluable field that every homebuyer should have. This is true in light of strict regulations on both state and national level. A buyer does not need to have a home inspection training to conduct a final inspection.

The following guidelines will help homebuyers in understanding the process, conducting a final inspection and dealing with home inspectors.

Final inspections are performed five days or a few hours before closing the sale. The main purpose of a final home inspection is to ensure that the house is in good condition as agreed upon, that repairs were made and no changes have been made that have not been included in the final negotiation.

It is not advisable for homebuyers to disregard the final inspection especially if the property’s previous owner has moved out of the house before closing.

More often than not, problems occur when a property has been vacant for a long period of time. That is why it is a must that homebuyers perform a final real estate home inspection.

Here is a home inspection checklist to guide homebuyers when conducting a final inspection:

  • Check every light fixture if it is still functioning by turning it on and off
  • Check for possible water leaks by opening faucets and looking under sinks.
  • In cases that appliances are included in the sale, check if they are functioning properly by turning them on.
  • Inspect hinges by opening and closing doors and windows.
  • Flush toilets to ensure that they are not clogged
  • Check walls, floors and ceilings for cracks or leaks
  • Turn on exhaust fans and garbage disposal
  • Turn on air conditioning and heating to test if they are functioning properly
  • Debris should be removed from the house

In cases where the previous owner has not yet moved out of the house, it is recommended that the buyer do the final inspection along with the seller.

Home Inspection Checklist

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