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Home Inspection Benefits for Both the Seller and Buyer.

December 12th, 2008

With the abundance of foreclosed homes on the market, sometimes it can be daunting and exhilarating for a homebuyer to find one that he will like and buy. After buying the property, he discovered that the house has structural and plumbing problems that need major repairs. He feels cheated then, realizing that the house he bought is not worth the price he had paid for.

On the part of the seller, conducting a pre-listing home inspection will hasten negotiations and hopefully result in a successful deal.

This article provides an overview of benefits of home inspection for sellers and buyers.
Hiring a professional to conduct home inspection services before putting your home on the market gives you the advantage of saving time and money. It will help you identify problems and have them repaired before listing your house for sale. A home inspector will be able to help you price your property realistically.

Providing a readily available home inspection report to a potential buyer will hasten negotiation and closing of the deal.

On the part of a home buyer, a home inspection will help him make an informed decision with regards to the property he plans to buy. An inspection works as a tool for him to validate his decision to buy the property. It will help him identify the problems that he feels he can use as a leeway when negotiating with the seller.

A home buyer can look at a real estate home inspection as a way to familiarize his self with the property because a home inspection checklist contains information on locations of the house’s systems, utilities and components.

Having an inspection conducted by a qualified home inspector is a win-win deal for both home seller and buyer. For the seller, it could attract more buyers and speed up the sale of the property. For the buyer, it could prevent him from buying a house that in the end will cost him far more in repairs.

Home Inspection Benefits

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