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Benefits of Mandatory House Inspection

June 26th, 2009

The proposed mandatory house inspection for foreclosure properties and abandoned properties are being opposed by realtors and sellers who believe that mandatory home inspection would hinder the sale of their properties.

But builders and contractors who have seen the consequences of unsafe repairs on various house systems reiterate the importance of mandatory home inspection.

Mandatory home inspection would protect renters and buyers and their families, especially first time homebuyers who are not knowledgeable about home inspection.

First time homebuyers and first time individual investors are oftentimes enticed to skip house inspection because of the low asking price for the foreclosed homes. They are told that house conditions such as major electrical, plumbing and structural defects can easily be repaired or can easily be remedied by low-cost repair contractors.

Later, when the foreclosed or abandoned property which did not undergo professional house inspection would be rented out or sold to unsuspecting buyers, the occupants would be unaware of serious defects that could cause accidents or life-threatening situations.
It is irresponsible for sellers and realtors to skip house inspection. To prevent this negligence, mandatory property inspection for all communities is proposed.

Mandatory home inspection for abandoned foreclosure houses can also protect neighborhoods from deteriorating. Even neighborhoods in gated communities can become havens of squatters and criminals if vacant foreclosure properties are not supervised, inspected
and maintained for a long time.

Aside from blight, neighborhoods with foreclosure properties that are not inspected and maintained also face deterioration in home values. Prices of foreclosure homes go down, taking down with them the prices of nearby houses which are well-maintained and occupied.

Without professional inspection, foreclosure properties also put an overwhelming pressure on community resources such as fire service, sheriff’s office and emergency medical services. The presence of criminals would force municipalities to spend more tax money on law enforcement services.

All these community problems can be solved if mandatory home inspection is proposed and approved by legislators and then implemented.

House inspection will ensure that houses, especially abandoned foreclosure houses, are examined, fixed and maintained in compliance with building code provisions. Professional inspection will ensure that families are safe in their homes and that children are safe when they play in their backyards.

House inspection is not a costly undertaking especially if the benefits for families and communities are considered. Mandatory house inspection is a life-saving issue for legislators to consider.

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